Do you know Adele Revelli's "Buyer persona" (https://www.amazon.com/Buyer-Personas-Customers-Expectations-Strategies/dp/1118961501)? Her concept of BP is quite similar to yours. Adele, like you, is an opponent of focusing on demographic characteristics. If I understand her correctly, she suggests limiting the amount of BP as much as possible, it's best to have one. The most important thing (according to Adele) is to recognize the characteristics of BP's behavior during the purchasing process. He advises recognizing triggers in the purchasing process, obstacles, etc. This should be done through several interviews. He describes in detail the process of collecting and analyzing data from interviews (presents the tools he has tested). The main difference between your method and Adele's BP is the focus on the purchasing process rather than the work to be done. However, I think her tools can be very easily adapted to Running Lean

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